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Workforce scheduling made easy.

Plan, staff, and schedule all your skilled trade projects from one dashboard.

Footage of DivvyBoard functionality
Footage of the DivvyBoard mobile app

Lose the whiteboards and spreadsheets.

DivvyBoard is an all-in-one solution for setting up and running a workforce. That means the manual processes that once took hours will now take only a few minutes. Consolidate all your spreadsheets, whiteboard scribbles, word docs, and other previous tools into one centralized source of information.

Drag & Drop Calendar

DivvyBoard gives you a master calendar for scheduling and maintaining every project. Schedule individual project shifts, as well as pre-built schedule elements like PTO.

DivvyBoard calendar for workforce scheduling and project management

All of your projects​

Every project lives side-by-side in DivvyBoard. Scroll through a master list, check the information for a specific project, or see them listed on the calendar.

Electrical, mechanical, maintenance, millwrights and plant operations job openings online

Mobile app for your workforce

Hook your workforce directly into DivvyBoard with the companion mobile app. Allow workers to accept jobs, shifts, request time off, post updates, and more.

The DivvyBoard app shown on a phone

A comprehensive toolset

Dozens of additional features that streamline your workforce.

Staff Management

Project Scheduling

Customer Tracking

Shift Tracking


Requests for work change

Newsfeed for communication

Executive Tools

Multiple Departments

A mobile app for every employee

With the web dashboard and the mobile app working together, you can focus on the big picture, while every employee stays up to date on their role.